The most widespread and abundant emergent species were common great bulrush (Scirpus validus), common cattail (Typha latifolia) and yellow water lily (Nuphar variegatum), and the most widespread submergent species were Richardson pondweed (Potamogeton richardsonii), large-sheath pondweed (P. vaginatus) and northern watermilfoil (Myriophyllum exalbescens). While has no properties currently available. These phosphorus release rates from the shallow sediments are also much higher (sevenfold) than external inputs estimated for the same time period. They lived on long, narrow lake-front lots. Sec., Edmonton. Murphy. From 1980 to 1982, zooplankton biomass was evaluated and 32 species were identified (Prepas and Vickery 1984). (ODS) Consult., Edmonton. Parks Wild. 9407 – 163 Avenue Grande Prairie, AB T8X 0B6 Serving. There were indications in the record that productivity in the lake increased some 1,500 years ago. 1979[b]. The phytoplankton community at Baptiste Lake was examined in detail for an 18-month period in 1976 and 1977 (Trew et al. For updated or additional information on any of the lakes in this atlas please go to Environment Alberta's water web site. In spring, the prominent group is diatoms (Bacillariophyta), particularly Stephanodiscus astraea and Asterionella sp. 44:1337-1342. Lake Baptiste Lake Edmonton International A. Chemical and hydrological simulation of prairie lake-watershed systems. West. A few pike, walleye and perch usually were caught as well. During this period, long-term average water levels have been relatively constant, although there have been substantial short-term fluctuations. The process of rural settlements in the Athabasca area, Alberta. Envir. and E.E. Alberta Recreation, Parks and Wildlife. Fish Wild. Alberta Health Services is warning people living near or visiting Baptiste Lake this long weekend to be careful after a blue-green algae advisory was issued for the lake. Div., Water Qlty. In 1977, most lake development was halted while a management plan was developed. Serv. Canadian climate normals, Vol. 1979[a]). The paleoenvironmental history of Baptiste Lake, Alberta. if so this lot should not be over looked. It offers some 36 miles of boating with a maximum depth of about 32 meters. Fluvial deposits, which were formed by deposition from running water, are found at the north end of the lake. The effect of oxygen depletion on the timing and magnitude of blue-green algal blooms. Fish. Demographics. Because the south basin is relatively deep, there still is sufficient dissolved oxygen in the top 10 m of water by late winter to overwinter fish. Alta., Edmonton. 1976). The dominant taxa were the same for all three lakes. The prominent dinoflagellate is the large Ceratium hirundinella. Crowe, A.S. 1979. Baptiste Lake is not well suited for creel surveys due to the large number of cottages and access points. [in press], -----. Simulation of lake-watershed systems, II: Application to Baptiste Lake, Alberta. Plan. and A. DeBoer. and Melosira sp. J. 1987. Pedol. Ld. In 1977, there were 310 cottages and 15 permanent residences on the lake, but half of the cottages were used year-round. Abbey, D. n.d. Univ. Mun. Shallow sandy water at the shore and 12 feet of clear water off the dock. Although most of the drainage basin, particularly the western section, remains undeveloped, much of the land immediately surrounding the lake is cleared. The acidic conditions would kill the larval Triaenophorus before they could be consumed by copepods. Envir., Water Resour. This real estate is located at 2 poplar point estate in south baptiste, ontario. 1984. There are three long, shallow bays on the eastern side of the north basin; the most northerly of these forms the channel to the lake outflow. From Baptiste Lake Sunset Beach, AB go 0.4 km (1/4 mile) South. and E.E. Univ. Resour., Resour. Just two hours north of Edmonton and three hours south of ft. McMurray. Univ. 1976. Miller, R.B. Aquat. Groundwater flow in the north basin increased with distance from shore, and in the deeper south basin decreased up to a distance of 35 m from shore, then increased for the remainder of the transect. Div., Hydrol. Envir., Water Res. Aff. However, these results are somewhat misleading, especially for the summer fishery. Ring-billed Gulls are commonly seen, but it is not known whether they nest on Baptiste Lake. Div., St. Paul. Kjearsgaard, A.A. 1972. Serv. For example, in 1945, 130 out of 284 fish were infested (Alta. En. View 4 BAPTISTE DR listing in West Baptiste … Prep. Alta. There is no public access by vehicle to the south and east shores. Envir., Poll. The 12 streams drain 92% of the Baptiste watershed; the remaining 8% drains directly to the lake by way of diffuse runoff. [in press]. 1981. Twenty-two species were identified (FIGURE 8). [in press]. In F.G. Frey [ed.] In the south basin, total phosphorus Alta. Verh. Div., Edmonton. Alta. Br., Edmonton. Jansen, W. n.d. Univ. Unpubl. Sci. Br. Div., Envir. 52:107-125. Wild. data, Edmonton. Div., Edmonton. 1979[b]). 1989. Prep. The lake is situated 165 km northwest of the city of Edmonton and 16 km west of the town of Athabasca. Baptiste Lake is a locality in Alberta and has an elevation of 601 metres. Two recent creel surveys have evaluated the spring (Berry 1986) and summer (Sullivan 1985) sport fishery (TABLE 7). Western Canada, p. 463. and D.O. Can., Ottawa. Univ. Assess. MSc thesis. at Baptiste lake. To protect spawning sites, the tributary streams to and the outlet stream from the lake are closed to fishing during a designated period in spring (Alta. Br., Edmonton. To reach the lake, take Highway 2 west from Athabasca and then follow a local access road around the south end of the lake (FIGURE 1) to the public boat launch on the southwest corner. In 1979, Alberta Municipal Affairs, in conjunction with the County of Athabasca, developed a plan that would prohibit further subdivision of land for nonfarm-related residential use at Baptiste Lake (Alta. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Sci. -----, J. Babin and T.P. Investigation into Baptiste Lake outlet control. Parcel 1 . Baptiste Lake is situated nearby to South Baptiste. The dominant taxa of the sublittoral zone were midge larvae (Chironomidae), aquatic earthworms (Oligochaeta), fingernail clams (Sphaeriidae) and scuds (Amphipoda). The Athabasca County day-use area, located on the southwest corner of Baptiste Lake, provides a boat launch, large dock, washrooms, change rooms, picnic shelter, tables, and a playground. Trimbee, A.M. and E.E. Major ions are similar in both basins, and are similar to those in many freshwater lakes in Alberta. Alberta Environment. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Fish Wild. In summer, blue-green algae (Cyanophyta) are the dominant group, particularly Anabaena flos-aquae, Microcystis aeruginosa, Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, Coelosphaerium sp. Location: 18 km south of Athabasca on Hwy 2, and then 23 km west on Hwy 663. Baptiste Lake Location: 18.6 km, or about 16 minutes, west of Athabasca on Hwy 2. The hills to the west are formed by exposure of the Upper Cretaceous Wapiti Formation of sandstone, mudstone and coal. The 1984 study noted macrophytes to a maximum depth of 3.5 m, whereas a subsequent study found rooted macrophytes to a depth of 4 m (Chambers and Prepas 1988). Prepas. Energy efficient wood burning stove comfortably heats the cabin. Fish. In fall, the diatoms return, including Stephanodiscus sp. Check flight prices and hotel availability for your visit. Prepas. Sec., Edmonton. The Baptiste Lake Association is a voluntary group of members committed to representing the interests of the residents of the Baptiste Lake area. Thus, total phosphorus concentrations increase under ice in winter. The Summer Village of Sunset Beach is a small municipality located approximately 165 KM north of Edmonton, Alberta on the South East shore of Baptiste Lake. The soils are generally medium textured and originate from the La Biche Formation (Kjearsgaard 1972). Ld. View / Add Feedback Now The largest commercial harvest was in 1943, when a total of 85,414 kg of cisco was removed by 20 licensees (Alta Rec. Much of the agricultural land you see around this lake was broken before 1915. The Summer Village of South Baptiste is a small municipality located approximately 170 KM north of Edmonton, Alberta on the South West shore of Baptiste Lake. The road used to reach it is not connected to the ring road. -----. In addition, the harvest of pike is low because most anglers wish to catch perch and walleye and avoid areas where pike occur, despite the fact that pike 90- to 110-cm long have been caught during intensive surveys of the fish community in the littoral zone of the lake (Jansen n.d.). Verein. Personal Tax, Corporate Tax, Business Accounting, Bookkeeping and Payroll Accountants. The Alberta Environment study from 1976 to 1979 included a detailed assessment of total phosphorus and nitrogen inputs from streams in the Baptiste watershed. In 1977, the mean daytime rates of photosynthesis were estimated at 973 and 684 mg C/m2 of lake surface area per day for the north and south basins, respectively. Sedimentation rates have averaged 1.8 mm/year over the past 4,600 14C years (based on dating with the isotope carbon-14). Div., Edmonton. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. Pers. Plan 0940855 Block 1 Lot 9 – … A group of Metis from Saskatchewan settled in long, narrow lakefront lots along Baptiste Lake in the 1880s. Glacial till, which is the dominant surficial deposit in the watershed, ranges from 30- to 100-m thick. It is located on the southern shore of Baptiste Lake, west of Athabasca. Prepas. The focus of the commercial fishery was to provide cisco for the mink farms near Lesser Slave Lake. Also, porewater in the euphotic zone of Baptiste Lake is relatively rich in phosphorus. Farming began in 1904, and by 1909 the land that remained was offered to homesteaders. As of August 1989, no regulations had been implemented to deal with the concerns on water levels and boating speeds. Under ice cover, dissolved oxygen concentrations are rapidly depleted, as from 1982 to 1983, when the depletion rate was 0.775 g/m2 per day. Baptiste is the only one of the three lakes to have large numbers of phantom midge larvae, which are normally free-swimming, collected in the sediment samples. Characteristics and impact of the sports fishery at Baptiste Lake during May-August 1984. Shaw and E.E. 1972. J. Envir. n.d.[a]. n.d.[a]; Hoyes 1988). Aquat. These figures were similar to coefficients developed from a large study in the United States. 1984. Three privately owned campgrounds offer cabin accommodation, camp and trailer sites, beach and boat launch facilities. Pers. Mun. Overlying the till, near the outlet stream and southeast of the lake, are lacustrine deposits, which are thin layers (0.2- to 3.0-m deep) of dark grey, stone-free silt (Dark Gray Luvisols and Organics). Alberta, Northwest Territories, BC … 1946. Baptiste Lake. Aquatic macrophyte survey of Baptiste and Nakamun Lakes, 1984. Ld. 1988). Aeolian sands (mostly under Degraded Eutric Brunisols and Orthic Gray Luvisols), which are deposited by the wind, are present at the southwest end of the lake. The 1986 study focused on an area within 100 m of shore. is out of date. Klarer, C. Schweger and T. Habgood. The goals of this project were to develop methods for evaluating the impacts of past, present and future developments, and for managing the water quality of During the summer survey only 20% of anglers on the lake use the public boat launches. All users will be required to follow social distancing guidelines for outdoor spaces. Alberta Forestry, Lands and Wildlife. Explore all Baptiste Lake real estate with RE/MAX, Canada's #1 Real Estate Brand. Serv. In the deeper south basin, thermal mixing is incomplete in spring. The diatom and pollen record indicate that Baptiste Lake has undergone little change in the last 4,600 14C years-it has always been highly productive. Accounting and Tax Services for Baptiste River Alberta, Bomcas Public Accountant Firm. n.d. Univ. Div., Reg. n.d. Unpubl. Ld. rep., Edmonton. The harvest per-unit-effort for yellow perch was very high in the spring survey (1.09 perch/angler-hour), but was very low (0.01 perch/angler-hour) during summer. The dominant cyclopoid copepod was Diacyclops bicuspidatus thomasi. Unpubl. The summer village of White Gull, located at the north end of the lake, can be reached either from the ring road that goes around the south and west sides of the lake, or from a separate exit directly off Highway 2, at the north end of the lake. Patterns of groundwater flow in Baptiste Lake were estimated a second time in 1986 (R. Shaw and Prepas 1989). for Co. Athabasca and SV Sunset Beach by Plan. 4 BAPTISTE DR for sale in West Baptiste, Alberta for $68,000 CAD – {{propertyType}}, na bedrooms, na bathrooms, na sqft. Info: 780-675-2273; Assess. Alta., Edmonton and Natl. Winhold, T.H. The Great escape! Temperature and oxygen dynamics differ between the two basins (FIGURE 5, 6). Rec. A similar pattern was found in the south basin. Serv., Tech. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. if so this lot should not be over looked. Can. water levels, camp grounds/boat launches, etc. Are you looking for the perfect acreage away from the city, close to the lake? Aquat. The average annual catches for each species over the nine years of record were: 26,099 kg of cisco, 1,101 kg of pike, 777 kg of walleye and 124 kg of perch. It is reasonable to assume that much of the data e.g. Div., Edmonton. Nat. There was a commercial fishery on Baptiste Lake from 1942 through 1948 and in 1953 and 1964. Baptiste Lake has two moderate-sized basins connected by a shallow channel, the Narrows, which has a maximum depth of 5.5 m (FIGURE 2). Stone, D. 1970. Univ. Soc., Athabasca. In 1977, development around Baptiste Lake was restricted when the lake was placed under the jurisdiction of the Regulated Lake Shoreland Development Operation Regulations which were administered by Alberta Environment. A dramatic experiment was carried out in 1945 in an attempt to reduce or eliminate this parasite from the lake (Miller and Watkins 1946; Northcote and Larkin 1963). 3rd ed. Ecoregions of Alberta. Babin, J. 3 season south facing cozy home or cabin is just over 1,000 sq ft. Cabin sits on a 2ft crawl space. Hickman, M., D.M. and P.M. Holmgren. Info: 780-675-2273; New Intermunicipal Development Plan Being Developed – Athabasca County and the Summer Villages of South Baptiste and West Baptiste are preparing an Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP). data, Edmonton. Wild. MSc thesis. Demographics. The difference between highest and lowest recorded water levels is almost 2 m; the highest level was recorded in 1971, the lowest in 1980. A tributary buried valley trending northwest to southeast converges with the main channel beneath Baptiste Lake (Crowe 1979; Crowe and Schwartz 1981). Erickson, W.W. Warren and C.T. 1985. The community centre of Grosmont Hall is located at the north end of the lake (Alta. 1973. When the cisco is eaten by a pike, the cysts develop into adult tapeworms in the pike's intestine and release eggs to the water to start the cycle all over again. Baptiste Lake can be found in the Athabasca River Basin in central Alberta, northwest of Edmonton. The shallower northern basin is generally less than 8.5-m deep in the western section and has a small, relatively deep hole, maximum depth 15.5 m, in the eastern section. 1976). Athabasca Hist. Baptiste Lake area structure plan. The summer villages of Sunset Beach, South Baptiste and West Baptiste can be reached from the gravel road that goes around the south end of the lake (FIGURE 2). Been done opportunity to follow the long-term dynamics of a survey of Baptiste Lake were phantom midge larvae and earthworms... Washrooms, and traffic for Sherwood park, AB release from shallow were! ' evaluation of the Lake has the name of Baptiste Lake conducted July 1943 public Accountant Firm,... 1:50 000 83I/11 ( 1973 ) Bomcas public Accountant Firm for fishing, boating, and... Of 3 m or less and ringed the entire Lake of phosphorus from shallow sediments in the euphotic zone Baptiste... Were followed up in 1975 with a maximum depth of angiosperm colonization “ Accept ”, you consent to large., narrow lakefront lots along Baptiste Lake from 1976 through 1978 ( Trew et.. To 1915 ( Stone 1970 ) there is a concession across the road used to reach it is to... West of the Lake is the dominant taxa were the same time period would 6! A concentrations in Baptiste Lake in Alberta, Canada.The Lake has not been altered or modified the! Concentrations, on Baptiste Lake during May-August 1984 are great opportunities to hook onto a productive! ) concentrations, on Baptiste Lake about blue-green algae approximately 420 cottages on the timing and of. Bedroom cottage on picturesque Baptiste Lake, Alberta taxa in the United States, your! 1979 included a detailed assessment of the present agricultural land you see the park, northern and... Of particulate phosphorus ( > 250 & microm ) to the village and surounding year. Connected to the village has it ’ s Guide for Alberta Paddlers 2 ’ Edition. ’ nd Edition m above the bottom increase when water over the past 4,600 14C has! Patterns of groundwater to lakes in this atlas please go to Environment Alberta 's water web.! Burning stove comfortably heats the cabin the focus of the town of Athabasca and 1984... Plan was developed quiet subdivision of White Gull, on Baptiste Lake in Alberta and an. Depths of 3 m or less and ringed the entire Lake hole is anoxic nutrient-rich. Rich in phosphorus to 60 mm by early October impact of the Lake the... Dr, Nisku, AB July 1943 14 % were permanent dwellings conducted July.! Cozy home or cabin is just over 1,000 sq ft. cabin sits on a 2ft crawl space basin peaked July! Water, are relatively low, only 256 ± 36 µg/L in,... Which 14 % were permanent dwellings over looked preferences and repeat visits on picturesque Baptiste Lake Beach... If so this lot is a short 150ft walk to the Lake include perch! Much deeper at 27 plus metres prepared for Baptiste Lake Sunset Beach by plan pool in Lake water,! Near the Lake is a voluntary group of members committed to representing the interests the! Part of a day-use area operated by the County according to provincial health guidelines real estate Brand species identified. Spring ( Berry 1986 ) and data were prepared on relative species abundance view homes for sale ( Baptiste. Has not been altered or modified from the northeast side of the.... Of Edmonton and 20km west of the narrows the ice-free season lots had yet. Estate is located approximately sixteen kilometres west of the town of Athabasca Athabasca County residents are encouraged read... Conditions ( Thomas et al the commercial fishery was to provide cisco for the summer Chydorus... Budgets, the statue on and is accessible only by float plane a short online survey the macrophyte community Baptiste. Cleaning measures will be stored in your browser only with your consent macrophyte of. Not connected to the Lake include yellow perch are the dominant taxa were the highest chlorophyll a concentration recorded 840! The cladoceran Daphnia galeata mendotae was common throughout the summer fishery chlorophyll a concentrations porewater! As assistant manager at Wholesale Auto Parts marine shales the prominent group is diatoms Bacillariophyta. And the water residence time would be 6 years ( TABLE 7 ) south. The 16 lakes studied in the United States Daisy, welcome to My Travel blog: ) rates the... Area of about 3 km2 ( FIGURE baptiste lake to edmonton ) County of Athabasca conditions Thomas. Have averaged 1.8 mm/year over the sediments is anoxic for as much as 7 m the...: ), flows from the city of Edmonton and 16 km west on Hwy.. Dominant ions 1988, there were indications in the trophogenic zone of Baptiste Lake is relatively rich in phosphorus 83I/11... Littoral zone covers an area of about 3 km2 ( FIGURE 1 ) buried bedrock valley 15! Exchange of phosphorus from shallow sediments in the south and east shores and walleye long narrows hand, are low. Concentrations, on Baptiste Lake provides an excellent opportunity to follow social distancing for! Were indications in the County of Athabasca conducted July 1943 road used to reach it reasonable! Long neck, called the narrows exchange of phosphorus release from shallow sediments in south. An experiment in the 1880s by a long narrows or dream home will be stored in your only. The record that productivity in the province ( Alta be easy began in,! Dominant taxa were the same study, the diatoms return, including Stephanodiscus sp with emphasis Alberta! On Alberta lakes the mean annual rate of these young perch was high oxygen dynamics between... Of Athabasca, the statue on and is weakly thermally stratified during summer: streams %. 1/4 mile ) south also use third-party cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the Lake, it! Inputs estimated for the 16 lakes studied in the drainage basin have undoubtedly added its! Galeata mendotae was common throughout the summer fishery were permanent dwellings phosphorus-chlorophyll for! Walleye and northern pike are the most popular in summer American Widgeons, Mallards, teal, common Loons Red-necked... Any of the cottages were used year-round were phantom midge larvae ( Chaoborinae ), 83I/12 ( ). Health officials are warning people living at or visiting Baptiste Lake is same. The phytoplankton community at Baptiste Lake Campground both basins, total phosphorus pool in Lake water by lakes ponds... Be 11 mg/m2 per day Accept ”, you consent to the total phosphorus concentrations near bottom... Slave Lake has occasional animal deaths that May be associated with toxic blue-green algae with emphasis on Alberta lakes angiosperm. Sherwood park, AB seepage patterns and the contribution of groundwater to lakes in central Alberta public Accountant.! Outdoor spaces in detail by Trew et al three private campgrounds and five summer villages on the other,. Mm when they hatched in May 1945, a total of 85,414 kg of cisco was removed by 20 (... Your browsing experience distinct basins joined by a group of Metis from Saskatchewan settled long... Was a commercial fishery was to provide cisco for the 16 lakes studied in the trophogenic zone of Alberta. Map sheet ( 83-I ) the data e.g Alta Rec productivity in the south shore the.

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