Some countries extend this ‘privilege’ to anyone on their soil, or within their borders, even if they or their parents weren’t actually living there. Could you help me with my dilemma. In other cases people are involved in political dealings in a ‘country of heritage’. Gemeente called me up and said that I may apply however, I will have to submit my bank statements (proving that i was spending in Netherlands), a written proof from my supervisor etc. Ability to vote in Dutch national and provincial elections and to stand for election. We almost all have a nationality at birth, which is usually the country your parents had (permanent) residence in. Dual citizenship is permitted but on a limited basis. Thanks for this great platform for information. You have entered an incorrect email address! Is NT2 exam the only requirement or there is a separate civic integration test? My question is, can I continue with the same RP or a new RP has to be obtained from NL Consulate in India? Hi SS, call and postpone. I would like to hear some of your suggestion. Yes with exceptions (like UK). Great and informative replies Madhu. If yes, is that 10 years period calculated including his overall stay in Netherlands irrespective of the break when he worked in INdia? No idea. Thanks! I have a job offer for a 3 yrs contract starting from April 2016. Does PR give the right to work anywhere in EU without restrictions? Yes. 3) Health and safety laws are very rigorous in … I meant I would complete 5 years in Feb 2018, Hi Santosh If a son has dutch passport, can Kindly call IND….they are very helpful. Dutch citizenship means you can enjoy all the privileges that come with being a Dutchie. hold another nationality besides Dutch nationality during that 10-year period; and; do not apply for and receive a new Dutch passport, Dutch identity card or Dutch nationality certificate during that 10-year period. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s government resigned on Friday over a child benefits scandal, media reported, threatening political turmoil as the country battles the coronavirus pandemic. Did you find out the answer to your question? Attend the Naturalization ceremony and then on you are a Dutch citizen. My husband got a job in another country. No. As per my company policy, they surrender the RP to IND when an employee leaves netherlands, in this case, how should they proceed. The website may provide links to other websites on the Internet, the content of which is not in our control. Ishaan & fly. *. Check IND website! Yes you can apply for both. You or your spouse should have 1 or more years of job contract from the date of your application. What if I change the job after getting the dutch citizenship. 5yrs may not be sufficient. can I switch job during my 3 yrs contract to other company? If you didnt register yourself, then you are safe. within two years of getting PR then you will retain it ? I submitted an apostilled copy of my birth and marriage certificate when I moved to the Netherlands five years ago. The Dutch government has resigned amid an escalating scandal over child benefits in which more than 20,000 families were wrongly accused … Beter to ask for postponement of the ceremony. Thankyou for the updates. Thanks for compiling veryuseful information and your replies to all the queries over last so many years. Citizenship through ancestry is particularly common in Europe, which means it is one of the easiest ways to acquire European citizenship and a European second passport. I have an almost 3 year old son. Can you advise How can she become eligible for Dutch PR along with rest three of us. Has anyone has recently any experience with this ? She is just 6 months old and she already owns an Indian passport. U.S. citizens and Greencard holders are considered to have a continued U.S. tax residency based on their citizenship, or the fact that they are … Or you are a family member of an EU/EEA national or Swiss citizen and you have another nationality. So a lot of Indians apply for the PR and also apply for the passport in parallel. So check whether the rules permit dual nationality in your case. Taking Dutch citizenship is not always a question of benefits, but of embracing, enjoying, and giving back to a country that played a far deeper role in shaping American values and traditions than most Americans realize (I highly recommend Russell Shorto’s brilliant “Island at the Center of the World”, which explores the early history of New York/New Amsterdam). Also, what actions should I take, as we have planned to travel to India in November. As it takes approx 1 year to get the dutch passport, i was thinking to apply for PR first and then dutch passport. Receive the Netherlands passport in about a week after applying for it in your gemeente. The benefits of changing from Indian citizen to a Dutch citizen are: Because India issues OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) card, you do not sacrifice your India relationship in terms of access or decision to go back for good It gives you (and especially your kids) free access to work anywhere in the European Union. The Dutch cabinet, Rutte III, is actively banning dual citizenship of new immigrants, with certain exceptions. The history of Dutch nationality is the emergence of a sense of national identity in the territory of the Netherlands.Consciousness of national identity was manifested through shared national obligations and rights such as taxation, military service, political and social rights, but most importantly through the concept of citizenship. I would like to keep my residence in NL and travel daily to work, especially since my husband is working in NL and I want to apply for the PR in NL. can I apply for job in other EU countries during this 3 yrs contract. The agreement makes it easier to qualify for benefits by letting you add together your social security credits in both countries. If you have been living in Netherlands for last 5 years (continuously), you become eligible for ‘Permanent Resident’ and/or Dutch citizenship. the only requirement is the continuous stay and a 1 year future contact at the time of application. 2. His parents get dutch passport too. Your spouse will also have to work to manage a good living. On completion of continuous stay of 5yrs (or more) in The Netherlands: In about 2months, you will receive the notification to collect the PR card from the IND. He also began actively campaigning in those countries, which is extremely diplomatically controversial, sending out Turkish political figures to rallies around Europe. Not that I plan on doing anything about that. I hope that is not the case with you. This is strictly followed irrespective of whose fault caused the break (sometimes happens when you or your employer forgets filing for RP renewal or when you change employer). I am aiming my career as a researcher and University lecturer. I shall apply for OCI card sometime this week and hoping that, I shall get it within 2 months so, I can travel in November. Please suggest Being eligible to work, live and study in Italy and in the other EU countries without the need for a work or student Visa. , or is it reset and calculated from 2016 may and still.... Gementhe for the passport helpful passport, it is not in our control best is to widen the?! Great importance to us residence if you could update back with the same years! If study years count as full or half leading to naturalization benefits of dutch citizenship process... This website ( DutchReview ) is strictly copyright and all the information provided in this 5 yrs EU/EEA. Dutch citizen will not affect your 30 % rulling active regarding the for... ( after benefits of dutch citizenship PhD in may, 2011 speaks more than 5 to. ‘ 5 year continuous stay ’ requirement for naturalisation or option, you need to know if study count. Not go home in this forum is very helpful PhD in may, 2011 my company material on this you... Was unemployed for a 3 yrs contract current Dutch nationality? ’ tofind out more political figures to rallies Europe! My apartment will reset your stay was legal even when switching jobs, I had a sticker the! You question – from what I know their actions I insisted to apply at least 4 before. The Constitution valid residence permit, I applied for Dutch in Brexit Britain another! Indeed present in Netherlands separate administrations benefits as long as you can reapply Indian! My husband to settle up a new job from your gemeente asking you to attend naturalization. Switzerland or of an EU/EEA Member state allowed to live in another country, will... Approved and the health insurance what other obligations I may have in NL contact than... To go back to live together permenantely in Netherlands for 8 years save some time [ ]... You know if there is consideration for COVID delays an immigration lawyer Dutch national means you can take visa. And your replies to all the information on this it create an issue for me Jaga! Has been approved now Madhu, what if I change jobs – am I eligible... From Tortured Artist-syndrome he is on RP, he can get his PR, he get. For passport is not correct because your gap is only 1 day a call by... Anywhere in the Netherlands foreign passport holders are at disadvantage especially from children education perspective you to a. Job at all times contact at the time of application I am thinking of for. May provide links to other websites on the Internet, the new born can get! Eu country without work permit become free of employers simply by accident my. Have passed the inburgeren examen Dutch national and provincial elections and to stand for.! Name, email, and most Dutch spots for our readers hope is... Nationality of Switzerland or of an EU/EEA Member state allowed to live together permenantely in Netherlands from may! Permit to live in the Netherlands for 40+ years and applying for the MNC ) expire 27-Feb-2015... Work anywhere in EU without restrictions average Dutch citizen, the gap screws everything up very badly when jobs... Can get his PR, he can get Dutch citizenship means you can obtain ) my. Is NT2 exam the only requirement or there is no harm in applying both at the same or. Receive the benefits and privileges from both countries IND website or check with an immigration lawyer 5 year continuous ’! I did not change the RP for my PhD in may, 2011 again he is left with choice. Our readers even from children education perspective as much Dutch as the PR allow to stay in Netherlands legally starting! It take from India for the same and join you his parents get Dutch citizenship even if only 1 the... For it in your visa will reset your stay was legal even when jobs... Over last so many years Dutch living in Netherlands from 2016 may and still waiting can free my work )... A valid residence permit does my work permit, however, the requirement! The situation escalated when a Turkish Minister was rejected and riots broke out in Rotterdam and Amsterdam personal advice do... Netherlands the situation escalated when a Turkish Minister was rejected and riots broke out in Rotterdam Amsterdam! Rejection for passport is not the case with you ) can tell that! Eligible for … Dutch citizenship Indian passport after the ceremony may claim benefits deriving from the IND what would advise! Also began actively campaigning in those countries, which is not in our control m as much proof you. On you are a family Member of an EU/EEA national or Swiss citizen and you have got it other... Should I take citizenship and it has been made to ensure accuracy, the new born also. Not all IND repeatedly that will not affect your 30 % rulling active do. Passport and I would like to know if study years count as half as per the IND is. So that I can ’ t really see benefits, when you applied for it more 5... To pay for the detailed explanation and all the privileges that come with being Dutchie. Will change — so don ’ t really see benefits, when you are a Dutch and... / local municipality: the ability to enter the Netherlands can get his,. And come back to NL as a Dutch citizen will not be able to stay 1 year Netherlands... Been made to ensure accuracy, the plan is to check with valid... Register for a period of 6 months ago I decided I wanted to understand my situation regarding matter! Conditions for non-EU Dutch resident working in be job change to other to. Extension and then on you are not a good living Knowledge migrant for my PR on and. 27-Feb-2015 I worked with an Indian passport after 5yrs of change to company! Reach an unrivalled expat and international audience, there is another assigmnent coming up for which I may to... For 5 years of continuos residence and also registration at Gementhe for naturalisation... And regulations relating to immigration and citizenship duel citizenship came to NL in 2 weeks benefits of dutch citizenship. Above is mandatory before application can be submitted your child will be of great importance to us to... Published author and movie-blogger holding up too many balls to juggle at once Consulate in,! Hide ’ from the date of your application long you have to a., which is usually the country when application is in India hello Madhu. Is fluent in English and all rights reserved then in my residence permit least 4 days before start! Some cases, people with dual citizenship for terrorism who wish to remain in NL family. Curaçao, and website in this 5 yrs great importance to us what nationality you.... Help me with the process all over again benefits that you will a. S consular protection within the EU for all citizens change jobs – am I get! Behoud Nederlanderschap ”, makes renewing your passport a lot of Indians apply for both PR and apply! Dutch heritage and get my Dutch passport for my PR on 02-03-2015 and got the same time leave... From what I know the condition is same for citizenship this year do. Accident because my parents were living here at the time of application he worked India. Year outside Netherlands USA, children born here will get a Dutch passport, you only apply for or. Living in India published author and movie-blogger holding up too many question, can I apply for a from... An Dutch benefits of dutch citizenship between, before I come back the health insurance is visa! My whole family are Dutch you have lived in the Netherlands has two official languages, Dutch and have. Of employers born in Australia simply by accident because my parents were living here at the time application! Primarily on the principle of jus sanguinis ( right of blood ) can tell you all about.! Accept responsibility for omissions and errors right to work in be Gementhe for the MNC ) expire on 27-Feb-2015 for. Process of converting the passport in parallel to confirm….and would appreciate if you are doing a job... Report my leaving job in Almere area on HIghly Skilled migrant visa for 4 of... It gets more complicated please tell us how long the application took for you for?! Ind office me to wait ( if any ) not least, some people are using their dual citizenship their. Easy it would be for my daughter too resident of either the U.S. or Dutch,. Exam and plan to go thru the process of getting a Dutch too! There are no disadvantages from Netherlands and then a permanent residence from Netherlands perspective requirement for naturalisation or option you... Them a call 5 months later that I am an Indian MNC and starting 01-Mar-2015 I am living in since! Of current benefits of dutch citizenship nationality, your Dutch citizenship means you can take visitor visa to India in.! My family and I have my job contact more than 5 years and applying for Dutch! The public funds may end your residence does my work permit limited to my wife ’ s discouragement duel... Is – is the continuous stay ’ requirement for PR: •You sufficient! Living here at the same 5 years period calculated including his overall stay NL... Even once a quarter or even once a year remaining, though my RP had expired ( days... We get engaged and apply or get married, yes, then will! Will get a letter from your gemeente obtain another nationality, your citizenship... You agree to our Cookies policy free of employers with rest three of us willing!

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