With the characteristics of smartness and agility, simplity and portablity, safety and profession, RTF Quadcopter “HighOne” is particularly developed for achieving good effectives in special flying conditions such as when closing to objects, in narrow/limited areas or enclosed spaces (like stadium, indoors). Integrated with Gemini dual-redundancy autopilot, brushless gimbal Z1400 for GH3 camera and the foldable Quadcopter, RTF Quad “HighOne” has great practicality and is widely used for the TV industry, commercial promotions and all kinds of professional aerial photography.

HighOne 1


  • Excellent power system and performance by integrating with industrial motors and 18 inch propellers

  • Small size and very easy to carry in a typical sized car trunk
  • Brushless gimbal Z1400 that supports multiple lenses, meeting professional aerial photography high-end requirements and needs ( accessories of BMPCC compatibility extension is available)
  • Comes with professional autopilot GEMINI applied with dual-redundancy, bringing you the safest flying experience
  • Controlled by two pilots at the same time with two RC Transmitters or single pilot with one RC Transmitter, utilising a unique craft-trace-gimbal and camera-oriented functions available
  • Aerial rocker-arm function allows the copter to fly according to preset waypoints while you concentrate on adjusting the gimbal and filming
  • Most cost-effective equipment for aerial photography in the market with professional capability within an affordable price
  • Comes with extra common Rx to transfer S-Bus module for free, so any Rx of PWM channel can be supported.


  • Max takeoff weight : 7.5kg
  • Flying Endurance : 13 min (by carrying Z1400 gimbal & 6S 15000mAh battery)
  • Wheelbase : 720mm