Dans mon cas, si je les avais regardés j’aurais choisi l’ultegra plutôt que le 105. Since the model years overlap, Shimano maintains the difference in overlapping years in the form of weight (use slightly different metals/parts on the largest pieces to save weight) and finish (higher groupsets will look nicer and follow finishing trends/colors from the pro-peloton) as well as staggering the technology changes. Vidéos I am not certain if I should spend the money now for the upgraded bike. Si les deux vélos entre lesquels tu hésites sont de la même gamme d’un même constructeur, regarde bien ces détails. The extra spread is useful as I have an 11-32 rear cassette with a compact 50-34 chainset Devon hills are not very forgiving. For what it’s worth, if you’re looking for a noticeable improvement in shifting quality, a full overhaul at your current groupset (be that 105 or whatever) will give you the best bang for your buck. Les câbles sont plus basique sur le 105, je crois... Est ce que ça vaut 200€ ? Well, let’s face it. Shimano dévoile une nouveauté en ce début de printemps avec le nouveau groupe Shimano 105 R7000. Absolutely not. I agree, when you are ready, or when your bike is ready, make the leap to ultegra. The 5700 105, 6700 ultegra shifter design was horribly uncomfortable and the reason I changed. C'est un Wilier GTR team, très peu de différence mais je vais vérifier. For function or longevity is it worth the price, can’t be as they’re the same. L'idéal pour toi serait de laisser le RS10 au magasin, négocier leur remplacement par des Zonda avec le groupe Ultegra sur ton vélo à 400€ de plus que le vélo basique en 105. Both the front and rear derailleurs should offer the same light, short-stroke shifts as the Ultegra model. Because they’re both in the current ‘design generation’ (is that what we’d call it), they both share the modern-looking chunky crank design. Ultegra components are lighter than 105 components, making climbing easier. Very helpful article as I am looking to upgrade from Sora. I’m also from Yorkshire and therefore have deep pockets and short arms. As much as we may protest, we enjoy purchasing gifts for our bikes. Since you're here, Monty would also like you to check out. Now, back to your originally scheduled article…. The price difference between 105 and Ultegra is about $300 dollars. (Which I reckon is a song lyric waiting to be put to music*). What this means is that in the example above the 2017 105 “parts” is the SAME “parts” as 2014 5800 ones, while the 2015 Ultegra is the SAME parts as 2013 6800. I assume both bikes are 10s. But the thing is, that all occurred in the previous generation of these two groupsets. Given I’m more Nosferatu than Nostradamus, this probably means that 105 Di2 is going to be announced tomorrow. Les 400 EUR permettent de gagner... 50 grammes seulement d'après la fiche du constructeur ! Regarding 10s vs 11s you likely won’t notice a difference. Campagnolo claims that superior machining techniques result in a silent chain that won't lose traction at connection points. This was all quite straightforward (okay somewhat straightforward), until Shimano started adding an ‘R’ at the beginning of some of them, and I got a bit befuddled. Féminines Which I am part of neither! Since those are a couple years apart, the difference is EXACTLY what the article is about (comparing Ultegra 6800 to 105 5800). Don’t worry though (who you calling worried? Quant au tarif, il reste très bien placé. Retour au forum Route > Matériel Bas de page. Ultegra & 105 are not lighter, but they are better using ‘SLR EV’ design. Le design n’a pas grand chose à envier aux Dura-Ace et Ultegra. Modifier mon abonnement aux réponses de ce sujet, Retour au forum Route > Matériel Haut de page, Tous droits réservés 2000-2021 © C'est la seule différence entre les 2 vélos. The sole differences I can see are a different plastic material in the bodies (the shape is identical) and composite plastic levers instead of aluminium alloy. Ah, the million dollar £500 (or $700) question. Can you include more on how these two group sets perform? La différence de prix entre 105 et Ultegra est de l'ordre de presque 1 euro par gramme entre les 2 mêmes groupes 10V mécanique. Je ne suis pas sûr que les 105 d'aujourd'hui soient autant conçus pour durer que les 105 d'il y a 8 ans. If you have to go 105 for the cost, you won’t be disappointed, but it is definitely worth it to think about upgrading the rear derailleur and possibly the levers. Of course the chain is also thinner in 11s. I don’t mind spending $90 for calipers…the best brakes you can buy is never a bad choice in my opinion. Par ex en 2 ans mon étrier arrière a du être dégrippé (il ne se désserrait plus complètement, gênant que le patin reste collé à la jante...) et son levier d'écartement rapide ne fonctionne plus et n'est pas démontable/réparable car sur le 105 il y a un rivet là où il y a une vis sur l'étrier ultegra... Mes galets étaient HS de chez HS (au point d'avoir la chaine qui sautait du galet du bas, mais seulement en côte de 10% et + sinon c'est pas drole...) en moins de 2 ans / 9000km alors que d'autres copains n'ont toujours pas eu besoin de les changer. If that’s you, then you’ll be more interested in the price point of the full bike, which I’ve discussed above. Consider Ultegra as parts wear out, bearing in mind there is little reason to change brakes and shifters due to wear so it’s worth ensuring they are what you want at the start. Thanks Andrew. Ride faster and further, and have more fun on your bike. Mais là aussi des soucis, fin de l'hiver même après changement de cables et réglage par le vélociste (dont je ne mets pas en doute le savoir-faire), le 52/11 passait toujours pas bien. That said, my bike is setup for 126mm dropouts and is a 7 gear rear with downtube shifters. The question is whether the difference is worth the money. The difference between BIKE model years is in the frame colors, sometimes the changes in a couple parts, and every so often a major frame redesign (in the specific example the Trek Silque 2017 model has Trek’s “IsoSpeed” decoupler applied to the headtube). But saying that loosing a few kg/s would be the cheaper option. Permalink. Bon choix. Then you start looking into gears a bit more. Alors soit Cannondale a des groupes négociés par cher avec shim pour ses 1ere montes et je suis tombé sur une mauvaise série ou alors le 105 n'est plus ce qu'il était. (For completeness, Tiagra is next, followed by Sora and Claris. You talked about wheels and I strongly agree that lighter wheels make a huge performance and fun improvement. Je dis comme les autres intervenants: si c'est la seule différence, garde ton argent pour mettre des meilleures roues /pneus, qui vont vraiment améliores ton vélo. Elle est la déclinaison abordable du groupe DURA-ACE. The 7000 group only got better. Mais plus tard je me suis aperçu que la version en Ultegra avait aussi un cintre plus haut de gamme, plus léger, une selle avec rails titane et pas acier, de meilleurs pneus.... Ultegra is a huge massive jump up from 105 as far as i'm concerned. merci bien de ces conseils. Shimano 105 v Shimano Ultegra — choose the best groupset for you Both Shimano 105 and Shimano Ultegra are 11-speed groupsets with the same capacity for sprocket and chainring sizes Shimano Ultegra is a bit more refined that Shimano 105, with lighter materials in … Canyon, Cannondale and Specialized upgrade other components as you move up the range (wheels, for instance). I’m thinking this is wear on those rear gears. If the upgraded bike is 11s and the online one 10s there is a slight value to the LBS bike. Shimano ULTEGRA vs 105: diferencias 17 noviembre, 2020 Velove Cycling Equipamiento y Componentes 2 Cuando vamos a comprar una bici nueva, una … It’s most helpful in working out which generation of a given groupset you have/you’re buying. In the meantime I’ll go back to my heavy, but rugged Diverge that is probably 6 pounds heavier than most of your bikes, and still runs well on Sora . (Brevet de Randonneur de l’Oisans), Choix entre shimano 105 R7000 et ultegra R8000. Both are very quick checks. In my experience, the upgrade from 105 to ultegra was significant. I found the upgraded bike at a local shop and the other bike I found online and the person is willing to ship to me for free. Go to your bike shop and have them check the chain and the derailleur alignment. in addition to that, the Brake/Shift hoods on the 105 have a wierd ergonomic feel to them. I do think the Ultegra runs slightly quieter and shifts slightly more smoothly, but both seem equally durable (2500 miles on each). I started Sportive Cyclist in 2013 to record my journey to RideLondon 100, my first 100-mile bike ride. I did that with a Cannondale and eventually it was 95% Ultegra, the bottom bracket just kept on turning. I’m a little late getting in on this, but I just got a bike with Ultegra 6800, and wanted to chime in. I have been searching for awhile and my head is spinning. The Zipps are deep dish carbon. My other wheelsets use proper cartridge bearings all round and never need adjustment, so for my next project (another titanium frame) I will buy up a new just taken off a bike 105 groupset and try and find some good used wheels. talk of slightly crisper shifting, smoother shifting, faster, easier shifting or difference in durability has me laughing. Most of the change allows closer gearing in the middle of the cassette. It’s worth noting that some bike makers do an aluminium-framed version of their end above bikes, fitted with Shimano 105. Is that the case? There has been plenty of discussion here on the differences (or non-differences) in components, so whether there is any genuine performance difference between the two product lines is a matter for conjecture. When it comes to purchasing a gift for our babies, nothing says I love you like a new groupo. The market for hydraulic brakes on road bikes is fairly new, and Shimano is still trying to milk it, so you can’t yet buy Sora or Claris hydraulic shifters. Interesting and thoughtful comment. When I knackered the front derailleur, I replaced it with the equivalent Ultegra version (10-speed 6700). Do the two extra gears on the 5800 make a lot of difference compared to the 5700.? The Zipps are 2 oz heavier than the DAs. Indeed, the recent upgrade of 105 from 5800 to R7000 makes it even more comparable to Ultegra, performance wise. According to Beginner Triathlete, Ultegra group sets weigh roughly 280g, or half a pound less than a 105 gruppo. This brings the entry price point for a bike with the 105 groupset down considerably. I just did this on my Domane – new cables, cassette, chain, brake pads and chain rings – recorded in this series of YouTube videos – and the improvement has been amazing. Well, when Di2 first came out, initially for Dura-Ace then followed by Ultegra, it seemed a reasonable bet to say that 105 would be next in line for electrification. 1,830 Posts #8 • Jan 20, 2019. the 2015 Ultegra. Now a (very) quick canter through the different elements of the groupset: If you want more of an idea then this article provides a pretty comprehensive overview of the various group sets on the market. Un jour j’ai acheté un vélo en 105 (un Trek émonda Sl) qui existait aussi en Ultegra, pour aussi 400€ de plus. like a silly hump for your thumbs to get annoyed by. Shimano 105 Vs. Shimano Ultegra L'achat d'un vélo de route peut être déroutant, surtout une fois que vous commencez à regarder en groupes de composants. So now is the time to consider whether upgrading from Shimano 105, a perfectly functional bike groupset, to Shimano Ultegra, a perfectly functional bike groupset, will take you from dog-dog to Froome-dog. I am trying to choose between a 2015 Cannodale CAAD 10 105 for $1100 or a Cannondale CAAD 10 with Ultegra for $1750. I am hoping to increase both miles and how many times per week, possibly to join a riding group as well. Shimano brought out a new version of its 105 groupset in 2018, but how does it compare to the top of the range Dura-Ace? Crankset / chainset – the bit the pedals attach to – chain rings, cranks – that sort of thing; Derailleurs – the bits that move the chain between the different chainrings (at the front) and the various cogs of the cassette (at the back); Shifters – attached to the handlebars – the bit you manipulate with your hands; Cassette – the bit in the middle of your back wheel – lots of teeth; The Giant Defy Advanced 2020 model costs £1,949 ($2,514) with Shimano 105 and £2,199 ($2,837) with Ultegra (£250 difference for the hard of mathing); Canyon’s Endurace CF SL Disc 7.0 with Shimano 105 is £2,099 ($2,708) and the Ultegra-equipped Endurace CF SL Disc 8.0 is £2,699 ($3,482). Do you ride with Ultegra? Le mien a 71.000 km et 8 ans, rien à dire, c'est parfait. Le 105 fait le job, et même très bien. That might or might not be important to you. Both bikes are new and and both had 22 gears. Have you tried both? Still have the 105 calipers, so I think that is the only remnant of the original groupset. I appreciate your comments . The newest 105 is very slick and, I suspect, the best value of all Shimano groupsets for serious cyclists. And then the next generation of Dura-Ace and Ultegra came out (i.e. Quant aux différences avec l'ultegra, de ce que j'ai pu lire mais j'ai pas testé, ultegra aurait : un meilleur freinage, un passage de vitesse plus rapide et plus fluide et est étudié pour faire + de km / an. Je ne saurais pas dire quelle est ma part et celle de Shimano mais bon... bref, cette 1ere expérience avec un groupe 105 shimano qu'on m'a vendu (le vendeur, les copains, internet) comme increvable m'aura laissé un arrière-goût moyen. Cyclistes considèrent de 105 un ensemble de composants de formation de haute qualité, ou "gruppo", tandis que Ultegra est mieux adapté pour la course. It means a lot of constant shifting and often over two cogs. I have a solution for you: I madez a YouTube on the subject. 2 years ago. The 105 5800 groupset I bought complete with wheels and tyres for £230 was a real bargain and I found that overall it performed better than my ultegra 6700 groupset except that the brakes are not as well finished. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. You pay the same price that you would have done anyway. These are links to online stores such as Amazon, Wiggle and Chain Reaction. My two cents worth. Before changing anything I would look for the real problem. Still, it gives the general direction of travel (i.e. No, it will. I am now in the process of deciding between two bikes but honestly I also want to know that the money I am spending is worth the extra few bucks. The front derailleur, shifter, crank, shifting force, noise, etc., are indistinguishable (unless you took them off and put them on a scale). Shimano denotes its group generations with a numbered system.

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